Why are my muscles stiff and sore?

Maybe you’ve done a work out, or perhaps you’ve just woken up and your neck feels tight and stiff. Maybe you can’t turn your head when you try and back the car. This tightness may also be accompanied by pain. Usually these episodes may not be a cause for concern – doing some stretches and applying heat may help. When should you be concerned and what can be done about it?

I’ll focus on common things I see in my office. Say you’ve injured your lower back mowing the lawns and have a mild sprain/strain injury. This may cause pain and stiffness affecting the large muscles. But don’t forget the small muscles and ligaments that are supporting your spine, and that also help with your posture. These too will be affected and when they are tight they contribute to limiting the range of motion in your spine.

Things that you can do at home include: rest, using ice packs, stretching and keeping hydrated with water. I also suggest that you see your chiropractor for an assessment and adjustment, plus some good home care advice. Chiropractors look for any underlying condition that may be contributing to the symptoms you’re experiencing. When the body is in balance it may then better heal. Think of your spine and nervous system as being the engine of your body, and a chiropractor is like the mechanic tuning the system to allow for improved function. The connective tissue can then heal faster and range of motion to the spine may be restored. You can then get back to doing the things that you love much sooner!