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Take steps to improve your mental wellbeing

Here we are again in another lockdown – and with the doors being closed for Viva it is forced ‘rest’ time. Unfortunately, it may be far from a ‘rest’ for many of us. Here are some steps to improve your mental wellbeing.

Understanding Pain - Adapted from Haavik Research

Experiencing pain is normal. It is supposed to be protective to make you stop doing things that may be dangerous. But chronic pain that has persisted for more than 3 months is no longer protective nor informative. So, what can you do about…
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How Long Will It Take?

We often get asked by our new patients “how long will it take until I am better?” The main reason we get asked this question is because no one likes to be hindered in any area of their daily life. Most often it’s some type of pain…
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Adding life to your years… and years to your life!

I’ve been researching this topic recently as next week I am sharing tips to age well naturally with the Pink Ladies at Maraetai Boat Club on Monday 12 August. It’s one thing I have been more aware of as the birthdays roll round, though…
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FREE student spine and posture assessments

Have you heard about ‘tech neck’? When I’m driving to work I can’t help but notice the college kids standing at the bus stop looking down, eyes glued to their phones. Possibly they are standing there for up to ten minutes….…
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Baby Feeding Tips

Are you pregnant or have a newborn baby? Perhaps you’ve done your antenatal class and learned about breastfeeding and now you’ve given birth and realised there is a whole lot more you’d like to know. Don’t worry – support is…

Start Prepping your Immune System for Winter!

Do you or your children struggle with illness during the winter? This past week has seen the weather cool off, especially in the morning.  Be prepared this winter by strengthening your immune system now.  When your immune system is functioning…
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Healthy Kids in the Digital Age

Are you concerned about digital technology and the impact it may have on your child’s health? Come along to our talk to find out more! Children being born in the past 20 years are ‘digital natives’ and have only known a life with…

Viva Turns 1!

This week celebrates a year since Viva Chiropractic opened in Beachlands. I would like to shout out a huge thank you firstly to Jack and the team at Perform Fitness for having me join them in the gym at Formosa, and then to all the people…

Viva Wednesday Walkers

How fit are you? Moving the body is one of the key essentials when it comes to health and wellness. Walking is a free and easy way of getting fit! The health benefits of walking include increased cardiovascular and pulmonary (heart and…