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Take steps to improve your mental wellbeing

Here we are again in another lockdown – and with the doors being closed for Viva it is forced ‘rest’ time. Unfortunately, it may be far from a ‘rest’ for many of us. Here are some steps to improve your mental wellbeing.
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Meditation for your health

If you’re serious about your overall health and wellbeing then meditation is one tool that you should include in your tool kit. All you have to do is get calm and quiet and relax! How easy can it be and yet many of us struggle to turn down the noise in our head and prioritise the time.

What Impact is Your Child's Backpack Having on Their Spine?

School is in – much to the delight of most parents and even a few kids. You’ve probably been out buying new uniforms, books and perhaps even a new backpack for your children. One thing that most people don’t realise is the impact…

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!

It's almost Christmas and I'd like to thank you all for helping make 2018 a fun and exciting time for me. I opened Viva Chiropractic at the beginning of March at Perform Fitness and I'd like to thank Jack and the team for welcoming me into their…

Does your energy need a boost?

I was listening to a podcast driving in my car today and the women were sharing ways of boosting your energy.  I know that some days I wake up after having a poor sleep and I feel the need to have an energy injection before I hit the day running…
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Beds Beds Beds…..

I’ve been bed shopping this week as it’s time to replace the mattress on my slat bed. In another life I used to sell furniture and slat beds, so I feel with my additional knowledge that I have as a chiropractor that I know enough to choose…