How are your children going with the new ‘normal’?

Another holiday break is upon us – I know that the teachers are ready for a break, but for some parents the thought of it is enough to make them want to pull their hair out for the third time this year with the thought of juggling parenting, working from home and school holidays.

Why are my muscles stiff and sore?

Maybe you’ve done a work out, or perhaps you’ve just woken up and your neck feels tight and stiff. Maybe you can’t turn your head when you try and back the car. This tightness may also be accompanied by pain. Usually these episodes may…

What's new for Viva Chiropractic at Level 3

Hi there Viva family, It's been over a month in Level 4 and I know that there will be many of you wanting to get back in for your regular adjustments.... myself included! Ministry of Health regulations for health professionals who need…
image of Janette from Viva Chiro

How are you going in lockdown?

It’s a huge, daunting time for most people I’m sure. It’s already been a week and I’ve felt a mix of emotions over this time as I am sure most of you have too.  It’s a time to dig deep into our inner resources to find strategies to…