Immune boosting foods for winter wellness

Immune boosting foods for winter wellness. I remember my mum making me lemon and grapefruit drinks with honey when I was young and at home with tonsillitis. Vitamin C was the standard go to, and is one of the super nutrients that help our immunity before and during any illness.

Thinking about winter wellness

I always think that daylight saving signals the start of the shorter days and cooler weather. Winter is looming and with that comes the start of sniffles and colds for a lot of people. This year too, there will be the threat of another community outbreak of Covid 19.

Back to School

Another school year begins – and already for Auckland a three day holiday has interrupted the school year! Let’s hope that 2021 is not as disruptive to schooling as the past year was. The transition to working from home for parents and including time in the day to home school and organize children...

Viva’s end of 2020 news roundup

2020….. it has certainly been a year that has changed our world in so many different ways. I know that we all have our own take on the year and how Covid-19 has affected us. Everyone has been uniquely affected, and we all react and respond in our own unique way to the circumstances presented to us!

How are your children going with the new ‘normal’?

Another holiday break is upon us – I know that the teachers are ready for a break, but for some parents the thought of it is enough to make them want to pull their hair out for the third time this year with the thought of juggling parenting, working from home and school holidays.
Image of a childs posture being checked

Check your child's posture for 2020

Welcome to 2020 and a new decade.  The children are back in school already for a new school year – new schools, backpacks and uniforms for some. This month I’m going to be focusing on children’s posture. You may be aware that your…
Photo of lady walking in long grass towards beach

Adding life to your years… and years to your life!

I’ve been researching this topic recently as next week I am sharing tips to age well naturally with the Pink Ladies at Maraetai Boat Club on Monday 12 August. It’s one thing I have been more aware of as the birthdays roll round, though…
Student holding a phone

FREE student spine and posture assessments

Have you heard about ‘tech neck’? When I’m driving to work I can’t help but notice the college kids standing at the bus stop looking down, eyes glued to their phones. Possibly they are standing there for up to ten minutes….…
Photo of mother breast feeding

Baby Feeding Tips

Are you pregnant or have a newborn baby? Perhaps you’ve done your antenatal class and learned about breastfeeding and now you’ve given birth and realised there is a whole lot more you’d like to know. Don’t worry – support is…

Start Prepping your Immune System for Winter!

Do you or your children struggle with illness during the winter? This past week has seen the weather cool off, especially in the morning.  Be prepared this winter by strengthening your immune system now.  When your immune system is functioning…