Take steps to improve your mental wellbeing

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Here we are again in another lockdown – and with the doors being closed for Viva it is forced ‘rest’ time. Unfortunately, it may be far from a ‘rest’ for many of us. 

Everyone’s situation is uniquely different in ‘bubble life’.  Along with the general stress of day-to-day life we have families that are separated; births, deaths and illness occur with little or no support available and we may have to dig deep to get through our days.

Here are some steps to help you get through this:

  • Get good sleep – when your brain and body are rested adequately your nervous system, responsible for coordinating all your body’s different systems, can function better.  Sticking to your regular routine is ideal.
  • Keep your focus on the present – many of you will have heard of the practice of mindfulness; thinking of the past or the future prevents you from enjoying the beauty and magic of the present moment.
  • Stay connected with others – especially those who may need your support right now. Phone, text, email or social media platforms are ideal for us all.
  • Think differently about unhelpful thoughts – this aligns with the practice of mindfulness.  Look at guided meditations, EFT tapping, breath or relaxation practices. Look for apps on your phone to help here too.
  • Maintain a healthy lifestyle – move your body every day, drink lots of water, not too much alcohol or sugary foods, regular breaks from screen time are all good tips.
  • Make time for yourself – small chunks of time to yourself may be all that is required to reset and move you forward.

I am available to talk if you need support.  We will be open in level 2; emergency visits are available now and in level 3, however the criteria are very strict. Please call 09 3900 800 if you need assistance.