Start Prepping your Immune System for Winter!


Do you or your children struggle with illness during the winter?

This past week has seen the weather cool off, especially in the morning.  Be prepared this winter by strengthening your immune system now.  When your immune system is functioning well it means that your body can counteract the sources of stress, and fight off the bugs so that you don’t come down with a cold easily.

Did you know…. That most of your immune tissue resides in your gut – so keeping your gut microbiome happy helps your immune system too.  That means either taking a supplement for a probiotic or adding fermented foods to your diet. Diet is one key factor for improving immune health. Add in lots of fresh vegetables and fruits and avoid too much sugar and alcohol.  Get adequate sleep and manage your stress.

Keep up with regular chiropractic care, as research suggests that adjustments may have a positive boost to your immune function. If it has been a while, make time for your autumn tune up soon!