Meditation for your health

Image showing a woman sitting on a beach, meditating in the sunshine.

If you’re serious about your overall health and wellbeing then meditation is one tool that you should include in your tool kit. All you have to do is get calm and quiet and relax! How easy can it be and yet many of us struggle to turn down the noise in our head and prioritise the time.

Here’s a few benefits that may encourage you to get meditating… even if it is for ten minutes a day!

Relief of stress
Many of us are running on empty tanks with our lives being so hectic and our nervous systems running on the hormones of stress much of the time. Meditation gives our system and break and calm down, lowering the levels of cortisol so that we feel generally less anxious in our daily lives. Levels of serotonin (feel good hormone) are increased also, so you’ll feel more comfortable and grounded.

Benefits to your body
The mind body connection is evident with research suggesting that lowered blood pressure and enhanced immunity as a result of meditation will boost your overall health and wellness. With lowered anxiety you may also manage pain more easily.

You may find that you fall off to sleep more easily as a result of incorporating meditation into your daily life. Meditators may also sleep more soundly. Letting go of the day while your mind and body rest through a guided experience is a bonus!

Focus and Concentration
With calmness comes more ease with handling your daily stressors. It may help you to become more patient and be more present. You may let things go more easily when you do become frustrated or angry.

When your mind is clear and calm you are more likely to communicate with others more effectively, so that your relationships are enhanced. When you meditate, it helps you to connect with who you really are. You may feel more at peace and can see the bigger picture.

Why not give it a try? Guided meditations are readily available on YouTube and there are many apps available that also offer meditation.

Adapted from The Better Sleep Council Blog.