Immune boosting foods for winter wellness.

I remember my mum making me lemon and grapefruit drinks with honey when I was young and at home with tonsillitis. Vitamin C was the standard go to, and is one of the super nutrients that help our immunity before and during any illness.

Fresh Vitamin C is a power food, especially if taken straight off the tree. Produce loses its vitamin content once picked. As our body doesn’t make Vitamin C, we need to keep it well topped up daily with foods or a quality supplement during the winter.

Vitamin D is a key regulator of our immune system. Other than the sun, foods rich in this vitamin are animal fats, oily fish (I remember the Cod Liver oil capsules), eggs, liver, mushrooms, and raw dairy.

Zinc is a mineral that is responsible for a healthy immune system. It’s found in seafood, chicken, pork, red meat, cashews, chickpeas, and hard cheese. You also find it in many supplements to support immune health.

Herbs like echinacea root, holy basil leaf, marshmallow root along with ginger root are a few of many natural nutrients that may also enhance immune function. You’ll find these in the many supplements now available and make sure to add fresh ginger to your drinks too.

Chiropractic adjustments may also enhance your immune function, so be sure to add in regular spinal checks for you and your family this winter to stay on top of your health!

Thanks to the team at BePure for this information. Go to their website and search for the questionnaire on the immune system to find out how you’re tracking. They also make a range of quality supplements.