How Long Will It Take?

Photo of lady doing yoga looking out to water

We often get asked by our new patients “how long will it take until I am better?”

The main reason we get asked this question is because no one likes to be hindered in any area of their daily life. Most often it’s some type of pain or discomfort.  And of course we all want this pain gone ‘yesterday’, although perhaps it has been niggling away for months or even years.

Healing does not happen quite that quickly – and ‘feeling better’ does not equate to healing.  So to answer the ‘how long does it take?’ question there are a number of factors involved. Here’s a few things to consider:

  1. How long has the problem been there? Chronic problems will take longer to heal – and in fact problems have more often than not been there a lot longer than how long you’ve been experiencing symptoms.
  2. How severe is the health problem? If you’ve got a major health problem or had a bad sprain then your body is going to take longer to heal.
  3. Your age. The body will heal faster the younger you are.  Things certainly take longer as you age, I will attest to that!
  4. Your willingness to partake in the healing journey. We may ask you to make changes to your lifestyle as one big factor that contributes to healing are the things you’re doing on a daily basis that add to the problem.  Things like what you’re eating and drinking. How much you exercise, or do you need to rest from exercise? How are your stress levels? If you’re willing to do what it takes to heal you will heal faster.

Everyone heals at different rates – just expect that it will take some time for the underlying problem to heal. Think of how long it takes to heal a fractured bone.

We are here to help you reach your health goals and we talk about that with you before you begin care. Ask us questions along the way and we will support you as one of your health team.

Be patient and be prepared to participate in your healing journey.