Another holiday break is upon us – I know that the teachers are ready for a break, but for some parents the thought of it is enough to make them want to pull their hair out for the third time this year with the thought of juggling parenting, working from home and school holidays.

So, how are your children coping? How are they sleeping? While in 2020 it’s nothing new to be doing online learning in the home classroom, I know that not all children are coping ok. Strung out parents along with strung out kids do not make for a very happy holiday break.

I know that often when I check babies, they sleep really well after their adjustment.  This is also true for older children and adults.  When the body is under stress, the hormones that circulate in the body may have an impact on the quality of sleep we are having.  If this sounds like you or your children, why not consider a balancing chiropractic adjustment to ‘reset’ the brain body connection and perhaps improve your children’s sleep patterns?

I’m here to help in whatever way that I can. Touch base for a chat to see if chiropractic may be of help to you.

I found these wellbeing tips on this NZ website, and thought that they are a worthwhile resource for any family.