How are you going in lockdown?

It’s a huge, daunting time for most people I’m sure. It’s already been a week and I’ve felt a mix of emotions over this time as I am sure most of you have too.  It’s a time to dig deep into our inner resources to find strategies to cope with our feelings and to navigate the turbulent waters that we can’t see the end of quite just yet.

Exercise is number one for me right now, plus eating healthily to maintain a good immune system. For those with children at home and now on holiday – hang in there and have as much fun as you can. Your kids will never forget these memories that you create over this time.

While Viva is currently closed for face to face appointments I am available for phone or video consults. If you are in an acute ‘pain’ situation or even if you need someone to chat to, I’m here with FREE advice, and perhaps stretches and tips to help you through it. Call me on 09 3900 800 or book online for a telehealth appointment at

Meantime – keep your immune system boosted and keep safe in your bubble. Kia Kaha. X


image of Janette from Viva Chiro