Healthy Kids in the Digital Age

image of children on devices

Are you concerned about digital technology and the impact it may have on your child’s health? Come along to our talk to find out more!

Children being born in the past 20 years are ‘digital natives’ and have only known a life with technology.

Family life has certainly changed with the introduction of hand held devices – and it is not uncommon to see a whole family out at a restaurant with each person interacting with their phone or tablet, and not each other!

I first noticed the change when my daughter had a birthday party in her early teens. All the girls were busy tapping away on their phones (sending messages/photos to each other) and not bothering to converse and have fun in a face to face manner. Scary stuff!

To help parents navigate these tough times Janette is teaming up with paediatrician Dr Zuzana Sadilkova to discuss this topic at local resort Formosa on Wednesday 27 March.

Come and support charity Bellyful and learn tips to help keep your children healthy in the digital age.


When: Wednesday 27th March 7pm – 8.30pm
Where: Formosa Golf Resort, Bachlands
Entry: $5 donated to Bellyful