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Student holding a phone

Have you heard about ‘tech neck’?

When I’m driving to work I can’t help but notice the college kids standing at the bus stop looking down, eyes glued to their phones.

Possibly they are standing there for up to ten minutes…. Once on the bus they are sitting, heads down, eyes glued to their phones for possibly another 30 minutes…. And so it goes on throughout the day … you get the picture.

Over time the weight of the head hanging down and placing unnatural stress on the neck muscles may create neck pain. This is common occurrence in our teenage community in our current world. So much so that some health professionals call it ‘tech neck’.

If this is your son or daughter – I suggest doing something about it. No, I don’t mean taking away the phone or Xbox. Maybe there are underlying problems that can be addressed with chiropractic care.

These school holidays, Viva Chiropractic are offering FREE spine and posture assessments for all students. If there are underlying spinal or postural issues related to ‘tech neck’ pain it is ideal to get them sorted.

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