Does your energy need a boost?

I was listening to a podcast driving in my car today and the women were sharing ways of boosting your energy.  I know that some days I wake up after having a poor sleep and I feel the need to have an energy injection before I hit the day running and these tips that were shared today resonated with me.

  • Do some exercise. If you can get outside to do some walking, running or cycling then even better. The change in air temperature on your face will stimulate your nervous system!  While it may be the last thing that you feel like doing, it may give you that boost of energy you’re after.
  • For an even quicker boost try doing 10 jumping jacks. Easy. Especially if you’re low on time and can’t get outside. Try incorporating it into your exercise routine for more impact.
  • Play your favourite music. Music is known to change the way your brain is working and so if you’re listening/singing/dancing to your fave music it will be an instant pick me up.
  • Another easy boost is to sing or say out loud your favourite affirmations. My friend Judi Cranston creates cool songs with affirmations in them and when I sing ‘I am amazing’ in the shower it’s an instant pick me up.
  • Using your sense of smell for an instant pick me up place a drop of essential oil of peppermint or lemon and rub between your hands then take a few deep breaths of the oil.
  • Of course one of my favourite ways of boosting my energy is to get checked by my chiropractor. People often share with me how they feel energized after their adjustment, and I know that I do too.

I’m going to keep these tools in my toolkit for days that I am needing a shot of energy. I hope that you find them useful too.