Chiropractic when you’re pregnant? Absolutely!

chiropractic when pregnant

Pregnancy is an exciting time, and one of huge changes on the female body.

These changes take place over the entire 9 month period, starting off with the hormonal upheaval that for some women includes morning sickness, then moves along to biomechanical changes in the spine and pelvis as the foetus grows (and grows….)

Women find their way into chiropractic offices for a number of reasons when they’re pregnant.  Common complaints include sciatica, low back pain, headaches, pubic symphysis pain, morning sickness to name a few. They also come when they have a breech baby as they’ve heard all about the Websters’ Technique that some chiropractors do to help ‘turn’ baby.

Chiropractic aims to balance your spine, nervous system and associated soft tissues.This may then help baby turn into the optimal birth position.  Research also suggests that labour times are shorter with women who are under chiropractic care in their pregnancy.

Finding a chiropractor who is passionate about working with women who are pregnant is essential.  I find that I am more than a chiropractor with women in pregnancy.  I’m here to be a part of your health team. I’ll link you to other people in the community who may be able to help prepare not just your body but also your mind for labour and delivery.

If you’d like to know more, then contact me with any questions that you may have about pregnancy and chiropractic care.