Check your child’s posture for 2020

Image of a childs posture being checked

Welcome to 2020 and a new decade.  The children are back in school already for a new school year – new schools, backpacks and uniforms for some. This month I’m going to be focusing on children’s posture.

You may be aware that your child is slumping or hunched over when you would not expect this as such a young age.  There is a definite decline in childrens’ posture and we are seeing in our offices young children with tech neck posture. This does not always equate with neck pain but if left uncorrected may impact their health long term.

Take a look at your child’s posture and note the following:

When looking at them from side on – does their upper spine have a ‘C shape’? Does their head drop forward?  Is their ear forward of their shoulder? Are their shoulders rounded forward?

These are all indicators of postural distortion patterns. Left uncorrected these may have an impact on a child’s overall health. The good news is that this can be corrected.  Contact me for more information or to book a free posture assessment for your child now.