Back to school? Or not?

It’s 3 months today here in Auckland since we dropped suddenly into Level 4, and ironically today is the day that primary school children are welcomed back into the classroom.

While I am no longer in this space with younger children, I have friends who are in different minds about whether to send their children back for the short period until the term finishes. There may also be some families who are choosing to school at home going forward.

There are so many variables to the situation here…. Some teens have hardly left their bedrooms over the past three months, and some are hanging out to socialise with friends. There are also teens (and parents) who are highly anxious about school reopening. The anxiety also filters down to our younger primary aged children who may be not wanting to return to the classroom for a variety of reasons: having to wear a mask if you’re year 4 and above (tricky if there’s a year 3-4 composite class), their teacher may no longer be there (mandates), fear of the unknown in these times – are just a few reasons.

The brain loves consistency and predictability as it makes us feel safe! Transitioning back to part time school after weeks of the consistency of home life is likely to create anxiety in many children and some may even say that they don’t want to go back at all!

Things that you can do to help in these situations:

  • Listen to all their concerns and be as calm as you can (even if you’re thinking of your to-do list and work agenda).
  • Help your child make up some plans or strategies around what they can do if they have specific situations that are worrying them at school. Remember to instill confidence in them to let them know they’ll be ok.
  • Make sure that you are not projecting your own personal fears onto your children.  Your own daily self-care is always very important.
  • When the kids finish for the day have a debrief session and focus on the positives while having empathy and compassion for any issues that arise.
  • Remember that this too shall pass, and you have the resources to get through!

We love to see kids at Viva, and we believe that chiropractic care and keeping the spine and nerve system balanced as a lifestyle choice may help keep the immune system and emotions balanced too!

Adapted from a blog from ‘Returning to school after lockdown’.